Honour's Thesis Supervised

  • Ihara zeta functions for graphs of rank two by Alex Richards, 2023.
  • Spanning tree formulas for Abelian covers of multigraphs and Artin-Ihara L-functions by Kyle Hammer, 2019. (Jointly supervised with Daniel Vallieres.)
  • Graphs that are minor minimal not Apex of connectivity \kappa \leq 5, by Jonathan Miller, 2016.
  • Searching for and Classifying the Finite Set of Minor-Minimal Non-Apex Graphs, by Mike Pierce, 2014.
  • Knotting of Graphs on Nine Vertices and 28 or More Edges, by Jody Ryker, 2013.
  • Minor minimal intrinsically knotted graphs with 21 edges, by Jamison Barsotti, 2012.
  • Analysis of Connected Graphs on 9 Vertices with H8 and A9 Minor, by Ryan Watson, 2010.
  • 2 - bridge knot boundary slopes: Diameter and Genus, by Gabriel Maybrun, 2010.
  • Elliptic Curves and Torus Knots, by Arielle Leitner, 2009. (Jointly supervised with Ben Levitt.)
  • Intrinsic linking of complete partite graphs, by Ryan Ottman, 2004.
  • Finding a general form for the A-polynomial of twist knots, by Isaiah Lankham, 2002.

    Master's Students

  • Counting spanning trees in graph families, by Teresa Mercado, 2021.
  • Maximally knotless graphs, by Lindsay Eakins, 2020.
  • MMNA graphs on eight vertices or fewer, by Hugo Ayala, 2014.
  • Intrinsic knotting of bipartite graphs, by Sophy Huck, 2010.
  • A classification of all connected graphs on seven, eight, and nine vertices with respect to the property of intrinsic knotting, by Chris Morris, 2008.
  • Ribbonlength of torus knots, by Brooke Ghiorso Kennedy, 2007.
  • Sachs' Intrinsic Linking Conjecture, by Joel Pyzer, 2007.
  • The computer-assisted visualization of rational knots and torus knots, by Rebecca Langford, 2006.