Final Announcement

16th Chico Topology Conference &

60th Cascade Topology Seminar

May 4-6, 2018     CSU, Chico, California


Invited Speakers: (Abstracts)


·      Marion Campisi (San Jose State University)

Distortion and the bridge distance of knots


·      Wlodzimierz Charatonik (Missouri University of Science and Technology)

Universal Continua


·      Hyoungjun Kim (Ewha Womans University)

Ropelength of (n,2)-torus knots with supercoil structure


·      Terry Gannon (University of Alberta)

Modular tensor categories and the search for the exotic


·      Danielle O’Donnol (Indiana University)

Planar Legendrian Graphs


·      Candice Price (University of San Diego):

Unravelling Biochemistry Mysteries: Knot Theory Applied to Biochemistry


·      Matt Rathbun (CSU, Fullerton):

Hyperbolic manifolds containing high topological index surfaces


·      Ed Tymchatyn (University of Saskatchewan):

Cell Structures


Contributed Talks (Titles and Abstracts)


History of the CTC