Final Announcement

17th Chico Topology Conference

April 22 – 24, 2022

CSU, Chico, California


Invited Speakers (abstracts)


       Aaron Abrams, Washington & Lee University

              A polynomial invariant for square triangulations

       Ian Agol, UC, Berkeley

              Ribbon concordance of knots is a partial order

       Anna Marie Bohmann, Vanderbilt University

              Free Loop Spaces and Topological coHochschild Homology

       Spencer Dowdall, Vanderbilt University

              Orientability for fully irreducible free group automorphisms

       Joshua Howie, UC, Davis

              Geography of spanning surfaces

       Jeffrey Meier, Western Washington University

              Classifying fibered, homotopy-ribbon disks

       Andrei Pavelescu, University of South Alabama

              Minor Minimal Intrinsically Knotted Graphs and the Colin de Verdière Invariant

       Ben Williams, University of British Columbia

              Using algebras to approximate classifying spaces of linear algebraic groups


Contributed Talks (Titles and Abstracts)




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Funded in part by NSF DMS -1953894


COVID protocol: Per CSU system policy, vaccinations against COVID-19 are required for those participating in on-campus activities.