Final Announcement

11th Chico Topology Conference &

40th Cascade Topology Seminar

May 9, 10, and 11, 2008

CSU, Chico, California




Invited Speakers: (Abstracts)

      Tullia Dymarz, Yale University

Large scale geometry of certain solvable groups.


      Jim Hoste, Pitzer College

On the partial ordering of 2-bridge knots


      Slaven Jabuka, University of Nevada, Reno

     The slice-ribbon conjecture for 3-stranded pretzel knots


      Sergio Macias, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

On Continuously Irreducible Continua


      Piotr Minc, Auburn University

Nontrivial loops and inverse limits of trees.


      Janusz Prajs, CSU, Sacramento

Semi-terminal continua in Kelley spaces II


      Jennifer Schultens, University of California, Davis

Width complexes for knots and 3-manifolds


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